New photoset: “Red Passion”

Today I shot my first adult photoset using my new upgrated avatar!

It’s called Red Passion (warning: NSFW!) and it’s inspired by the color of passion (also one of the colors of the Italian flag: no surprise since we are very passionate people!)

Here’s a sneak peek:


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Avatar Upgrade: from SL “classic” avatar to mesh avatar

Avatar Upgrade: from SL “classic” avatar to mesh avatar

A week ago I decided to upgrade my avatar to the latest technologies provided by Second Life. To be honest, it took more effort than expected!

I tried to keep the upgraded avatar as near as possible to the old one, since my objective was not to make a brand new avatar, but simply to update it making it prettier and able to use the new SL techs.

Among other things, I used a mesh body from Maitreya and, a mesh head from Catwa and a new AO by Vista with bento animations.

These are some considerations:


  • With a Maitreya body is way easier to find good fitting outfits.
  • If I attach something to the nipples (for example nipple pasties) they follow the bouncy boobs! (this was impossible in the “classic” SL avatar)
  • Any mesh head looks way better than a “classic” head, no matter how hard you tried to make a “classic” head look good.
  • Most jewelry sets need little to no adjustments to fit well on the new body (considering that I tried to keep the new shape as near as possible to the old one).
  • The bento animations for the hands let you make great new poses that were impossible before!
  • The bento animations for the head look very good as well.


  • The upgrade took much more than expected (about 30 hours). In particular, I found very time expensive to find a good skin that was compatible with both the head and the body, and I had to “mix” two shapes (the maitreya standard shape and a custom head shape) because the standard maitreya shape made my head look terrible.
  • I had to manually find again a matching color for my VAW genitals because of the new skin i had to use.
  • I had to watch several tutorials to understand how to apply stockings/makeups to the Maitreya and the Catwa systems because the old “wear stockings” and “wear tatoos” of the SL “classic” system don’t work anymore. I think that for a new user of SL this could be annoying.
  • Many old “standard size” outfits of mine are incompatible with the new body, so all the money I spent on them is lost.
  • It was very expensive! I spent about 25.000 L$ to upgrade everything.

Here you may see the results (old on the left, new on the right):